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Statements e-mailed to us by our customers.

EM-BALANCE TestimonialsWe have received e-mails regarding the use of EM-BALANCE and would like to share them with you. Nutra-Chem has not evaluated any of these statements and brings them to you exactly as received.

"I found your free sample by accident. After taking St. John�s wart, ginkgo biloba, kava kava and other mood enhancers, I found yours to improve my mood, balance and personal well being after 1 day. I feel like my brain cells have been rejuvenated and my 2 months of worry, doubt and stress have been alleviated." - Joe

"Em-Balance has made the difference in my life." - Patricia

"My son has ADD and is now 18, we tried the prescription stuff, "Ritalin" and he HATED it. We sampled your product and found it to be a god send." - Melissa

"I immediately noticed a difference fifteen minutes after taking the first single capsule. After about an hour I felt as good as I had ever felt in my life." - Kirk

"Your Product has been working great on me I�ve been on it for 3 days and I feel much better." - Jeanette

"Today: I am 59 years old. I heard of EM Balance through radio satellite, Dr. Jeff Baker�s Amerinet Broadcasting (Charles Collins� Show) on GI 17 audio 8:10 wideband. A man was talking about the benefits of EM Balance. My husband and I hurried to write down the 800 number. I called the following day. I received the Bottle of EM Balance within 2 days. I couldn�t wait to open the bottle up. The First Day . . . I took the 6 pills as instructed and I began to get relief from my mental task. I only took one sleeping pill (from 4-5 a day). I took the one sleeping pill before retiring, none during the day. The Second Day . . .I can truly say, I know what it felt like to be a normal human being again, after 39 years of mental suffering. Also I did not crave for any of my sleeping pills. My addiction was gone, with no withdrawal pangs. EM Balance has truly been a miracle to me. EM Balance changed my life in just one day. I wish I could tell all those who are suffering from any kind of compulsive obsessions about this miracle product, EM Balance, so hopefully, my testimony will touch someone who is suffering with any kind of mental illness, that they will be blessed as I am today, due to God, and to EM Balance." - Luci

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